Campaign: New lands colonization

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Basic info

Author Kinghts Dzapan
Missions in latest version 11 (11 building, 0 fighting)
Date uploaded 2022-05-19
Total downloads 572


During the last wars and floods that hit our country, the country fell into a huge crisis.
Not only did we run out of material resources, but also our food supplies were running out.
In the whole country, civil war broke out, which we could not allow.
In fear of further attacks, we must send the ship to new lands, and expand a new city there, build strong economy and mining.
Hoping that the war in the country would end.

Campaign made by: MichałCK

Huge thanks to (Grayter), for his help in creating the story and allowing the use of his scripts (exact information which scripts come from Grayter is in the script file).


Type Number Size Detail
1 128x128 (M) Detail
2 80x80 (S) Detail
3 80x80 (S) Detail
4 144x160 (L) Detail
5 64x64 (S) Detail
6 144x32 (S) Detail
7 144x96 (M) Detail
8 96x96 (M) Detail
9 128x128 (M) Detail
10 96x96 (M) Detail
11 160x160 (L) Detail

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Date Version Missions Stats Actions
2022-05-19 0.1 11 (11 , 0 ) 572 Download