Map: 2fort

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Basic info

Type Building map
MP Special
Author Martinus
Players 8
Size 192 × 256 (XL)
Date uploaded 2023-03-26 by Martinus
Total downloads 67
Short description


2fort. That means 2 separated, mirrored but same bases facing to each other. Teams are only red and blue. Teams have attackers (1-2 and 5-6) a supporter (3 and 7) and a defender (4 and 8). Attackers have rich in resources to maintain massive armies to destroy the enemy base. Defenders don't have iron, but they are the only, who can acces to town hall, and they can go up to walls, to fulfill their purpose. Supporters task is simply, they either can help in defending their fort, or help raiding the opposite teams. You can choose, which one of them suits you well. /Unfortunately, the winning conditions are bugged, or I just forgot something, I don't know. Anyway... basically, you have to destroy all four enemy player to win, BUT if you destroy ONE of them, you still win... crap.../



Date Version Stats Actions
2023-03-26 2.0fort 67 Download (for r14787+)