Map: Adventure of Ruthenia

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Basic info

Type Building map
Players 2
Size 256 × 112 (L)
Date uploaded 2024-01-19 by thunder
Total downloads 30
Short description


Adventure of Ruthenia

1v1, UltraFastStart

Ruthenia lived her life in peace, but a cracking volcano (called Granite the Stable) broke this life into tiny pieces. Now Ruthenia opened up her eyes and decided to search for the broken pieces. Picked up her packs and bags and went to a journey behind the unknown, behind the bridge where all the roads ends. Will her find a new home or suddenly will find something mirrored?

Location made by Ben for the MegaLand project.
Have Fun!
Made by MaPhisto



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2024-01-19 30 Download (for r6720+)