Map: AfterTheApocalypse

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Basic info

Type Building map
Author Martinus
Players 13
Size 192 × 192 (XL)
Date uploaded 2022-04-11 by Martinus
Total downloads 82
Short description After the apocalyspe


The ground shookt!
The earth trembled!
The world shattered!
The mountains murmured!
Living ones screamed in the burning air while everything died!
Here came... THE APOCALYSE!!!

After a terrible world destroying apocalyse, the last survivors fighting with each others for the last liveable small piece of earth island to survive (why the don't form an alliance and trying to survive together you may ask? Because of fricking human basic nature and behavior! That's why!)
So many things are lost... Humanity nearly went back to the prehistoric times... (that means you have to operate with less available buildings and only militia can be recruited.) You have to fight with all what's left! The other ones also share the same conditions that you have! Who will be the last ruler of this small piece of dirt?

(No peace time allowed because the advanced AI /r14281/ never recruit soldiers or produce axes...)



Date Version Stats Actions
2022-04-11 1.2y 82 Download (for r14281+)