Map: Alice

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Basic info

Type Building map
Players 8
Size 192 × 192 (XL)
Date uploaded 2021-10-14 by thunder
Total downloads 54
Short description


This map is ideal for 4-6P
4P: Corners v corners or Sides v sides
6P: Sides v sides or opposite corners (for example: 123v567; 128v456...)

Once upon a time Alice walked in the fields singing a dear dindindon song and counted the clouds on the sky. She smiled on everything. She didn't know that some hungry barbarins followed her. When she heard them, started to running into the forest, where she is lost. Alice's father is king of the land and promised a great reward to those people who help to find her. Who will find Alice?

Have a fun game!

Made by thunder[HU]



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2021-10-14 54 Download (for r6720+)