Map: Babylon

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Basic info

Type Building map
Players 8
Size 144 × 144 (L)
Date uploaded 2021-05-19
Total downloads 34
Short description


There are so many goods except what is really needed for victory in your storehouses. You have coal, but there is no gold ore. There are grains, but there are no horses. There are so many weapons, but there is no armor in your barracks. There are so many neighbors around you, but none of them are your allies...

Recommendations for the game:
Peacetime: 15 min
Speed: x2
Type: Free for all

Team location:
2x2: 3-1, 2-4, 8-6, 5-7
2x2: 1-2, 5-3, 6-4, 7-8
4x4: 1-3-5-7, 8-6-4-2
4x4 (megahit): 1-4-8-5, 3-2-7-6

Map design:
Daniel ReeDus



Date Version Stats Actions
2021-05-19 34 Download (for r11222+)