Map: Back to Back

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Basic info

Type Building map
MP Coop
Author Smiric
Players 2
Size 160 × 256 (XL)
Date uploaded 2023-08-24 by Smiric
Total downloads 145
Short description The Adventures of Grog, Part II.


After successfully fending off, and subsequently crushing the two rival clans in order to defend the sacred grapes, Grog & Grag both vowed to protect them for as long as they both shalt live. Unfortunately that may not be for much longer, as they find themselves near surrounded once more, and the numbers of enemy troops set on obtaining the grapes are staggering! (though that could just be the effect of said grapes). Regardless, there is no time to waste! Grab your axe, fill your glass once more & prepare thyself for another hangover of lobotomising proportions!

(Player 1 is Grog, Player 2 is Grag. Map uses ImprovedAI Script by Strangelove. Deleting message scrolls after reading recommended. Tip: Right-click scrolls to delete).



Date Version Stats Actions
2024-04-22 Tavern Release v1.2 34 Download (for r15122+)
2024-04-22 Tavern Release v1.1 2 Download (for r15122+)
2023-08-24 Tavern Release v1.0 109 Download (for r15122+)