Map: Bannockburn

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Basic info

Type Fighting map
Players 6
Size 128 × 112 (M)
Date uploaded 2021-05-19
Total downloads 23
Short description


24.June 1314, in the morning the Earl of Gloucester died and the main battle is about to begin

Team 1 - ENGLAND (548 units):
(1) EDWARD II King of England, (387 units) center & rearguard
(2) HUMPHREY DE BOHUN 4th Earl of Hereford, (161 units) vanguard

Team 2 - SCOTLAND (320 units):
(3) ROBERT THE BRUCE King of Scots, (97 units) center
(4) EDWARD THE BRUCE, (73 units) right wing
(5) THOMAS RANDOLPH 1st Earl of Moray, (73 units) left wing
(6) SIR JAMES DOUGLAS Lord of Douglas, (77 units) rearguard

Made by Siegfried 2011



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