Map: BatteringRam

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Basic info

Type Building map
Author Martinus
Players 1
Size 128 × 256 (XL)
Date uploaded 2022-04-15 by Martinus
Total downloads 112
Short description Stop zhe RAM


One day, somewhere in nowhere, everyone live in peace in the outskirts of the Fruitumos Applenis empires capital city. Everyone got their red apples through ages, and live a happy life. Until a terrible... and unacceptable moment happened! The Emperor decieded to NOT give anymore red apples to the people, instead they get green apples after that. People shocked across the empire (some of them fell into a deep depression), and they started forming a revolt! A revolt called "The Red Apple Justice', to get juicy red apples again. At the capital city's gates, multiple generals got a task, to stop the rebels, who are planning to ram through the city gates. One of these generals are you, with the task to solve this problem at the southen walls! (The rebels are not soldiers, just angry people, with some dull "weaponish" stuff in their hands, which should be no problem to deal with it. But their nubmers are huge, and it's growing very fast!!!) Good luck general! Be quick because there is a settlement that needs your help... after you done with the current situation!



Date Version Stats Actions
2022-04-15 3.25 112 Download (for r14281+)