Map: Betrayal

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Basic info

Type Building map
Author Martinus
Players 1
Size 192 × 192 (XL)
Date uploaded 2023-12-31 by Martinus
Total downloads 58
Short description


In the neverending winter which chills stings the soil, the cold affects humans, human behavior, that often lead to... bad, BAD, thigs. These times the cold stings not just the water, or the mountains, but also people too, make them crazy lunatics. Liveable spaces are srinking and srinking... makes the situation even worse! The local settlements alliance secretly decieded to divide this fragile alliance. As you might figured it out, you will face hard times in the future because you are not part of this alliance after this anymore... Do not worry, you still have someone who met similar fates as you.

The rules are the followings: Only Townhall units are avaiable for you, so you must figure out, how to maintain stable and high gold income. A veird "bug" might appear, when the "classic builder AI" lose too much men, they simply changes to idle mode. That means they after this will never train any other soldiers or workers... (also works on the enemy of course) So I highly recommend to you, to defend your ally, because without its assistance, your road to victory will be long!



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2023-12-31 2.2 58 Download (for r15122+)