Map: Border Of Life

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Basic info

Type Building map
MP Coop
Author DontTalk
Players 3
Size 256 × 256 (XXL)
Date uploaded 2021-05-19 by DontTalk
Total downloads 80
Short description Coop Mission made by DontTalk


Emperor Fanstef inherited united Empire Of Man from his ancestors. Empire was at peace because previous rulers conquered every other nation on the continent. Fanstef to prove himself worth legacy of forefathers chose to launch a campain against a place no man should enter, The Netherworld. His twisted ambition may only bring destruction by unleashing forces of all of world's evil unto the lands of mankind. It is your duty to stop him from doing this while keeping forces of Hell at bay.

WARNING: This map is extremely difficult.
Difficulty Rating: *****

Map uses Strangelove's improved AI script.



Date Version Stats Actions
2022-12-18 1.3 Visual Overhaul, Libx fix, PL translation 42 Download (for r14787+)
2021-05-19 1.2 Rebalanced resources 38 Download (for r12485+)