Map: CaveDiggers

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Basic info

Type Building map
Author Martinus
Players 1
Size 160 × 192 (L)
Date uploaded 2023-04-03 by Martinus
Total downloads 52
Short description Made for M.C.AI test, and fun


At the kingdoms borders, among the mountains, the IronMole (white) people raise their presence from the dark deeps, because of putting their dirty hands on this beautiful places resources. The High Royal Leader of the kingdom wants you to get rid of them. But suddenly an aggressive queen: Chopina da Morningwood (pink) appears, and want to mess around... Lord Fedor la Mudbrain (yellow) doesn't know what is going on around them. So he hides behind the rocky mountains and their towers preparing for anything! /You only allowed to train Rouges, Barbarians and Warriors. The only food source is fish, and wine. You need to figure out, how to make tons and tons of gold to maintain your army, and defeat the IronMoles to win!/



Date Version Stats Actions
2023-04-03 Don't know 52 Download (for r14787+)