Map: Death Swamps

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Basic info

Type Building map
Author KaMrat
Players 12
Size 256 × 256 (XXL)
Date uploaded 2022-08-25 by KaMrat
Total downloads 238
Short description


Many, many years ago, these lands were inhabited by a very rich principality. They grew rich mainly by cultivating the land, which was exceptionally fertile in these regions. Many people were needed for agriculture, and they were forcibly taken from nearby towns. It made the villagers furious. Many of them defied the prince, but were either killed or locked in the dungeons. The ruler's prosperity began to deteriorate when he abducted the daughter of a certain woman, a witch. She cursed him and his castle to fall into chaos. So it happened. The ground began to be wet, which made the walls of the castle very unstable, they even started to collapse on their own. Most of the soldiers left the prince's power after losing their pay and shelter, but a few troops remained loyal. The villagers organized a manhunt and easily defeated the enemy. The prince, terrified by the vision of death, hid in one of the caves, where, after being overtaken by a crowd of peasants, he died. Now, the swamps have swallowed most of the castle walls, but still there are many human skeletons. Apparently, you can even hear screams and killing sounds, but for me it's just a legend.



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