Map: Faldor Kingdom Siege at Saint Rique Cathedral .7

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Basic info

Type Building map
MP Coop
Author Sir Tentakel
Players 4
Size 256 × 256 (XXL)
Date uploaded 2023-05-09 by Sir Tentakel
Total downloads 84
Short description This is still a working title. Please provide feedback via the KaM Remake (SirTentakel)


This used to be a peaceful valley. The prosperous city of Kallista, a couple of villages and an old fortress are but some of the elements to make up the landscape only to be divided by flowing rivers and mountain ranges. On the horizon one can see the cathedral of saint Rique. A prominant landmark in this valley. As seasons change, winter has come again, covering the valley in heapes of snow and sweeping cold winds tarnish the landscape and its inhabitants. The catherdral is dedicated to a prominent symbol to why the lands of Faldor thrived: The Dame Saint Rique. Free spirited as she was, people moved to these lands to escape oppressive and pointless lives that were common in other kingdoms. As it is with symbols, they convey hope. And when war came to the lands of Faldor, it was only a matter of time before the aggressors sought to destroy this symbol of hope and inspiration. Many have tried to stop them. You and your allies are the last line of defence. This Map uses advanced AI script by Strangelove.



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