Map: Hammerheart

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Basic info

Type Building map
MP Coop
Author Strangelove
Players 3
Size 256 × 256 (XXL)
Date uploaded 2022-08-02 by Strangelove
Total downloads 187
Short description Coop Map by Strangelove


Even with the cowardly traitors punished and their lands reclaimed for the throne, we cannot rest.
While we have been dealing with those outlaws, Lord Aldrich of Hammerheart has called his sworn allies to aid him against our advances in the region. The fortifications around his Citadel amidst the Lake have been strengthened and expanded, now outshining even the great Fortress of Fennford.

It will take the full might of the Kingdom to bring Lord Aldrich to heel!



Date Version Stats Actions
2023-04-06 0.6.0b (06.04.2023) 98 Download (for r15122+)
2022-08-22 0.6 (22.08.2022) 65 Download (for r14787+)
2022-08-05 0.5g (05.08.2022) 19 Download (for r14787+)
2022-08-02 0.5f (02.08.2022) 5 Download (for r14787+)