Map: Immortals

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Basic info

Type Building map
Players 1
Size 138 × 138 (L)
Date uploaded 2023-01-19 by KaMrat
Total downloads 39
Short description A mission by KaMrat


So it happened. Despite negotiations and a peaceful attitude, earl Drulos has declared war with us. At the moment, his main objective is Hoglaar - an old fortress, hidden in a dense forest, near the swamps. The enemy has already built camps a short distance from here. Only a small battlefield separates us. We have sent out scouts to scout the enemy's defenses.

It will certainly be difficult to break through the powerful invading army, so you should raze the enemy's southeastern stronghold as soon as possible. It blocks the route of the ally's troops sent to us by a young knight. If you manage to clear this patch of valley, we will have good support from our comrades.

In addition, I was informed that there was a small group of bandits in this area, waiting for the good moment to rob us of the last supplies. It will also be worth conquering their hideout.

Do not disappoint me, my son.

Made by KaMrat



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2023-01-19 0.95 beta 39 Download (for r14787+)