Map: Krolm's Anvil

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Basic info

Type Building map
Author DontTalk
Players 1
Size 256 × 160 (XL)
Date uploaded 2022-11-25 by DontTalk
Total downloads 154
Short description A Mission by DontTalk


Peace of Krolm's children, nation of mountain dwellers, was disturbed by invasion from seafolk which desired to steal riches of the mountains. Long war ravaged the land and after many battles among the peaks and valleys huge invader force managed to lay siege to the great city of Karloix. Your group of warriors passed the sharp peaks of southern mountains to aid our kin in fight against the horde.

Difficulty Rating: **

Map uses Strangelove's improved AI script.



Date Version Stats Actions
2023-04-14 1.2 Polishing, Script "fixes", Minor balance changes 68 Download (for r15122+)
2022-11-29 1.1 Minor Bug fixes, Polish translation 71 Download (for r14787+)
2022-11-25 1.0 Original Setup 15 Download (for r14787+)