Map: On the crossroads

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Basic info

Type Building map
Players 8
Size 256 × 256 (XXL)
Date uploaded 2022-11-11 by Alanbach
Total downloads 31
Short description Multiplayer map by Alanbach (Squij)


Created by Alanbach (Squij). Each position was prepared for players with different level of skills. Every player is againts every player, except position 3 and 4. 1st position is for noob, 2nd for beginner. The rest is normal. 7th is the hardest one. 8th position is only for player who wants to br a viewer and don't want to fight with others. If other wants to attack 8th player, it will be a kind of tower-defence mode.



Date Version Stats Actions
2022-11-11 31 Download (for r12945+)