Map: Reminiscence

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Basic info

Type Building map
Author DontTalk
Players 1
Size 140 × 160 (L)
Date uploaded 2023-09-05 by DontTalk
Total downloads 68
Short description A Mission by DontTalk


Years long war which devastated the country finally came to an end. Conflict lasted so long that roads among abandoned regions ceased to exist causing bandits and ranegade warchiefs to begin their rule of terror. But now all of it will change. Our first goal will be cleansing the land of Lordmidia, known for its plentiful resources and arable land. Settlements in those lands all got destroyed and in their place appeared camps under leadership of the warchief known as Krenon. Use your strategic skill to reclaim the region for the crown!

Difficulty Rating: **

Map uses Strangelove's improved AI script.
Map uses Cmowla's Anti Lure script (unfinished).



Date Version Stats Actions
2023-09-05 1.0 Release Setup 68 Download (for r15122+)