Map: Resurrection

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Basic info

Type Building map
Author Martinus
Players 1
Size 224 × 256 (XXL)
Date uploaded 2023-05-19 by Martinus
Total downloads 94
Short description Like the phoenix bird!


After a huge natural disaster happened, The Religious Royality of HublyDublyBubly (the castle players) thinks, this caused by the God, by sending the almighty fire demon to the earth, to end humanity. (Humanity have sins that need to purge out from the planet, bla... bla... and bla...) The religious priests of the castle thinks, the demon possessed a humans body, who lives among the people, under the cover of the sheets of unknowness, then the castle turns against their own people. The kingdom shattered apart! Your ally's town also shattered, and covered with fire, but still standing. Your town completly destroyed, only the storehouse left in one piece. Some of your men is still alive, but betrays you... only one true loyal laborer and one serf stood still next to you. Build up again your town, and support/defend your ally! Show to those castle rat motherf..ers, who is the real thread here!!!



Date Version Stats Actions
2023-05-19 6.22 94 Download (for r15122+)