Map: Return of the King

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Basic info

Type Building map
Author Strangelove
Players 1
Size 128 × 160 (L)
Date uploaded 2023-12-21 by Strangelove
Total downloads 141
Short description A Single Player Mission by Strangelove


Due to the most recent natural disaster and the suffering it has caused, the King has cancelled his pilgrimage to the holy land. The flood however, destroyed most of the lightly constructed wooden bridges, leaving only a single route home: The mighty Land bridge currently held by an arch enemy of the crown.
To ensure safe passage for the King and his royal guard, we do have no other choice, but to take control of aforementioned crossing.

Our Ally, a small village of mere stone masons and farmers across the river, has already started expanding and militarising, preparing for the arrival and protection of our King.
We must hurry to eliminate the enemy threat, before our real intentions are revealed to them!



Date Version Stats Actions
2024-03-20 0.7.2 (20.03.2024) 70 Download (for r15122+)
2023-12-21 0.7.1c (21.12.2023) 71 Download (for r15122+)