Map: Sands of Z'ha'dum

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Basic info

Type Building map
Author Strangelove
Players 1
Size 128 × 128 (M)
Date uploaded 2022-02-23 by Strangelove
Total downloads 248
Short description A Single Player Mission by Strangelove


The neighboring Sultan has been violating the borders of our crown lands for some time now and recently vowed to either kill or enslave anyone who will not convert to his faith.

Since our main forces are still engaged in other border disputes across the kingdom, not many forces could be mustered.
We should make haste to recruit as many soldiers as possible to defend the land against the sultanates hoards.



Date Version Stats Actions
2023-04-06 0.7.1d (06.04.2023) 97 Download (for r14787+)
2023-03-16 0.7.1c (16.03.2023) 17 Download (for r14787+)
2022-10-29 0.7.1b (29.10.2022) 34 Download (for r14787+)
2022-08-05 0.7.1 (05.08.2022) 32 Download (for r12945+)
2022-02-27 0.7e (27.02.2022) 49 Download (for r12945+)
2022-02-23 0.7d (23.02.2022) 19 Download (for r12945+)