Map: This Significant Day

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Basic info

Type Building map
SP MP Coop
Players 2
Size 224 × 224 (XL)
Date uploaded 2023-03-21 by KaMrat
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Short description Created by KaMrat


Hello brothers. I'm going to tell you an interesting story today. This story concerns the past of our country, our national heroes - Caspar and Harald. It is thanks to them that right now we can enjoy the place where we are. Thanks to their charisma and extraordinary leadership skills, we own this wonderful land. But let's start at the beginning, and that was a long, long time ago...

Okay, listen me people, because I won't repeat it a second time! Jarl Hendrik gave orders to me and Harald to make a landing in this part of Kannoven. I know, I know, rough terrain, save your whining. We'll set up camp here and here, not far from the shore. There are not many of us, but remember that we are not the only ones on this mission. Plus, I don't need to remind you how "strong" Achim's soldiers are, right? We'll blow Ler Vanah to shreds.
May Evalon watch over us.

This mission is the first part of the two-player campaign:
Cold Conquests.

Made by KaMrat



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