Map: Trilogy of Origin-Survival-Conflict

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Basic info

Type Building map
MP Coop
Author Map: TimLee, Script: Luck_pig
Players 3
Size 128 × 128 (M)
Date uploaded 2022-11-26 by luck_pig
Total downloads 184
Short description Trilogy of Origin-Survival-Conflict(3P)


Trilogy of Origin-Survival-Conflict(3P Map), it's the first time to attempt a new technology, there are several chapters in one map file, and each choice has an impact on the next chapter. This map is very easy, Welcome to play.

Chapter 1:
1. Protecting our allied units to their designated destinations within a limited time.
2. Our groups and allied units can't be killed out.
3. Fighting is not necessary, you can bypass the enemy or completely destroy the enemy, depending on your mood.

Chapter 2:
1. Develop your economically and militarily as quickly as possible within a limited time, the storm will come soon.
2. There might be enemy after us.
3. Our groups and allied units can't be killed out.

Chapter 3:
1. Defeat the BOSS due north within a limit time to win.
2. There seems to be a split in the two villages of mountain bandits on the left and right of the map, perhaps they can be persuaded to surrender (if them all troops are killed out and some buildings must be preserved).
3. The hot springs in the middle of the map seem to be working wonders for the recovery of our King's guard, but there might be limits.
4. Our groups and allied units can't be killed out.

1. Our King's Guard is strong, but it is not immortal, and it can't be replenishable in normal way, Please proceed with boldly and cautious.
2. The choices made in the previous chapter will have an effect on the next chapter (this map feature).

Thanks for test: MrH, gongxiaogong, xiaotian, suwako, XDYZ, TimLee, 111, kafeimao(In no particular order).



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