Map: True Administrator

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Basic info

Type Building map
Author DontTalk
Players 1
Size 192 × 192 (XL)
Date uploaded 2022-05-20 by DontTalk
Total downloads 81
Short description Made by DontTalk


Island of Qustar is located in the sea on south from beaches of the Seo Empire. It's location makes in very important part of defence from naval threats. You were delegated to be an administrator responsible for safety of the island. Now island is underattack by huge force sent here by Kingdom of Rushia. Attack was so sudden that we weren't able to notify mainland and ask for reinforcements. If enemy takes control of the island It will get a perfect base to launch operation against the empire. You have to use everything at your disposal and defend the island at all cost!



Date Version Stats Actions
2022-11-07 1.0 Difficulties added 51 Download (for r14787+)
2022-05-20 0.9 beta 30 Download (for r14423+)