Map: Valley of Kings

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Basic info

Type Building map
MP Coop
Author Strangelove
Players 3
Size 160 × 256 (XL)
Date uploaded 2021-05-19 by Strangelove
Total downloads 79
Short description Coop Mission by Strangelove


With the fall of his mighty stronghold, the traitor Travis Fennford was brought to justice. Still, not all is well in the kingdom.
There are rumors that the defector's oldest son snuck out of the fortress in the midst of battle. It is said that he has been riding north and gathering support among old enemies of the crown to avenge his fallen father.
Although these are mere rumors, the king ordered for the matter to be investigated. He requested the brave generals who spearheaded the assault on castle Fennford build a settlement in the Valley of Kings and rid the land of all who aren't loyal to the throne.

Made by Strangelove



Date Version Stats Actions
2023-04-06 0.7.4b (06.04.2023) 31 Download (for r12945+)
2021-10-08 0.7.4 (08.10.2021) 41 Download (for r12945+)
2021-09-18 0.7.3 (24.06.2021) 4 Download (for r12945+)
2021-09-18 0.7.2e (23.04.2021) 1 Download (for r12485+)
2021-05-19 0.7.2e (23.04.2021) 2 Download (for r12485+)