Map: Waveonia

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Basic info

Type Building map
Players 12
Size 256 × 256 (XXL)
Date uploaded 2024-02-19 by thunder
Total downloads 20
Short description


! 18++ !
with Random StoreHousePlacement

Ultra Fast Start (Wcutter+Quarry opened)
Randomisation size:

The two friendly tribes met in the largest local pub in Wavevonia. As the evening spent, the wine and beer gone Lord Temperator the head of the Northen tribe got a serious discussin with Sir MetricMeter the chief of the Southern tribe about the double nature of the photon. The time just spent and they just argued and argued more and more about. Started to argueing as much and as loud, they got their attention from the whole pub. Everybody had high attention on MetricMeter and Temperator's discusion, no more wine liquidated no more loud laugh heard. The bartender- as an experienced owner, have seen such attention beefore, and to break the silence he offered to let's go outside to decide who has the truth about the photons. MMM and LT and their brunch faced to the exit. The bartender silently said to them 'Eat my f---ing photons, noodles.'
So let's go outside, grab your mates and fight for truth about the photon!

Don't forget to...
Absorbing light,
Converting to mass,
Emitting noble gas.
(eat, sleep, fart, repeat.)

One word joke?

Have fun!

Made by Photon

RnSt v1.7



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