Campaign: The Baron Von Schuffenflauer

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Basic info

Author Smiric
Missions in latest version 9 (8 building, 1 fighting)
Date uploaded 2022-11-11
Total downloads 330


v1.0, 14/09/2022. Created by Smiric.

Welcome to the Baron Von Schuffenflauer campaign! 'Tis set in the land of Zantemere, where a disenchanted peasant named Von Schuffenflauer embarks upon a quest to rid the land of bandits that art pillaging his small village. The people of Zantemere depend upon your success. May fortune be with you!


Type Number Size Detail
1 96x96 (M) Detail
2 96x96 (M) Detail
3 112x192 (L) Detail
4 128x128 (M) Detail
5 176x128 (L) Detail
6 128x128 (M) Detail
7 176x128 (L) Detail
8 160x240 (XL) Detail
9 96x96 (M) Detail

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Date Version Missions Stats Actions
2022-11-11 v1.0 9 (8 , 1 ) 330 Download