Campaign: The Torn Kingdom

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Basic info

Author KaMrat
Missions in latest version 20 (15 building, 5 fighting)
Date uploaded 2022-05-19
Total downloads 870


The campaign contains many dynamic scripts, which makes the game more interesting and interactive. The choices you make influence your further actions. Every decision has consequences.
- Have fun!

State Arhain. Our island lies on the edge of the northern part of the ocean, which is owned by the Kaldein-Uklawa pact. They are the two most important countries in this part of the world. This pact is designed to protect every inch of land on the ocean, which is why there has been no war here for a long time. From time to time there are some skirmishes with bandits and their leaders. So living here is peaceful. We are ruled by King Michael - a good, just ruler. We have been ruling us for nearly 30 years. He took part in the Battle of Hansever. Then there was a skirmish between the Arhainans and the largest band of bandits in our region of the world. The area there is called the "bandit cemetery" because the enemy suffered enormous losses. Unfortunately, we also did not do without them. The ruins of the Hansever fortress can still be admired, though largely hidden under a blanket of snow.Michael's close friends are Sir Matthew and Niholas, but they are much younger than he is. The heir to the throne is the son of king Tadeusz, although the rule of Michael is responsible for almost everyone. Almost ... As always, nothing lasts forever, much less peace. Baron Nauher has always been jealous of his father's favor for Michael. When Michael became king, Nauher hated him out of jealousy. He got less power. As a baron, however, he had his subjects. Many years ago, he was devising plans to overthrow the king with his closest companions, although he translated it as "an improvement in the present state system". I believed him then. I did not see any danger in him and only now can I see how wrong I was. After years of trying, he managed to gain the voice of the people. This is what began the first open armed conflict in over 200 years. With unimaginable speed, Nauher managed to gain control of the most important places on the island, although not all of us opposed us. Most of the villagers and some of the townspeople are still against the barons. But I am now with the king in Storelan. We gathered all our people from the city to prepare for the final enemy attack. It is only up to us whether the traitors of the crown win and the state collapses. From us and you.

Campaign author: KaMrat
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Type Number Size Detail
1 112x112 (M) Detail
2 64x64 (S) Detail
3 128x32 (S) Detail
4 140x140 (L) Detail
5 112x112 (M) Detail
6 160x160 (L) Detail
7 100x49 (S) Detail
8 128x128 (M) Detail
9 128x128 (M) Detail
10 64x64 (S) Detail
11 128x128 (M) Detail
12 128x128 (M) Detail
13 96x80 (M) Detail
14 160x175 (L) Detail
15 96x116 (M) Detail
16 158x142 (L) Detail
17 160x160 (L) Detail
18 173x195 (XL) Detail
19 96x160 (M) Detail
20 190x220 (XL) Detail

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Date Version Missions Stats Actions
2022-12-09 3.95 (End credits added) 20 (15 , 5 ) 605 Download
2022-11-24 3.9 20 (15 , 5 ) 19 Download
2022-08-03 3.1 20 (15 , 5 ) 135 Download
2022-08-01 3 20 (15 , 5 ) 5 Download
2022-07-11 2.6b 20 (15 , 5 ) 25 Download
2022-07-11 2.6 20 (15 , 5 ) 1 Download
2022-05-31 2.5 20 (15 , 5 ) 51 Download
2022-05-19 2.1 20 (15 , 5 ) 14 Download
2022-05-19 2.1 20 (15 , 5 ) 2 Download
2022-05-19 2.1 20 (15 , 5 ) 1 Download
2022-05-19 2.0 20 (15 , 5 ) 18 Download